Who we want

We look for several things in a future spavia owner:

  • Passion and energy

  • Drive to succeed

  • Ability to follow a proven business concept

  • No industry experience necessary

We are really different than most salons or day spas. You won’t find hair or nail services. It’s not a hectic environment filled with disturbing noise or smells. We like to say that “we keep the good smells in and the bad smells out.”

Allison Langenderfer, Spavia Founder

Passion and Energy

What we look for first is passion for the industry. You need to love it. Whether you are a frequent spa and massage person or like to the idea of helping others in a service business, it’s about passion and commitment.

What do we mean by energy? It’s about doing what it takes, the commitment and stamina to open a business. It takes a lot of energy and it’s hard work. It’s rewarding, but no doubt, it’s hard work. Passion and energy are core to spavia developing the best team.

Drive to Succeed

There are many reasons people open a spavia day spa. Mostly, we want our franchisees to have a strong desire to be successful with their own business. Our goal is to help you be successful. First, you have to want to be successful and understand the commitment and drive to make it happen. If you have a passion for the spa industry, spavia provides an opportunity with amazing potential.

Our owners have the opportunity to change their lifestyle. Our owners have the ability to have more flexibility; whether it’s watching more of the their children’s sporting events or getting away from the corporate grind or bad boss. There are a lot of reasons people are motivated to start a business but the most important is a desire and drive to succeed.

Ability to Follow a Proven Business Concept

The spavia brand is a system that is structured to deliver exceptional results. From our design and marketing, to our systems, protocols and processes, everything is defined to strive in delivering these results on a consistent basis. The brand as presented to all our constituents needs to always look and feel the same. Our owners need to feel comfortable following the concept, so the brand, service and quality are always consistently delivered.

Spavia helps you find out if we are the right fit. It is important to do the due diligence to make sure the spavia opportunity is a good one for you. Our discovery process takes 4-6 weeks and culminates with a Meet the Team Day in Centennial, Colorado. To get started, fill out our massage franchise contact form and we’ll guide you through the process.

No Industry Experience Necessary

While industry experience is certainly welcomed, we don’t require it. You don’t need to have a spa or massage background. The systems are set up so you can learn and become knowledgable about the business.

We provide the tools to learn the spa business, you don’t need to have any spa experience. It’s part of opening a franchise; we have been developing and refining our concept for over 10 years, so everything that you need to learn is available in our operations manual, the spavia team site, and spavia university. In addition, our leadership team is available for questions whenever you need help.