our guests

The spa experience is no longer a costly luxury. spavia is for anyone who wants to frequently relax, escape, and thrive.

our guests inspire us. At spavia, we’re completely focused on exceeding expectations. We listen to our guests, and we measure our success based on each and every experience.

Our guests talk about how massage helps them, it helps them relax – many carry stress in their backs and necks and get some relief from pain. People’s lives are hectic, working incredibly hard, whether at home with kids or long hours on the job or traveling. Spavia is a place they can get away from it all, get healthier and rejuvenate.
While massage is very popular, the skin care industry is growing quickly. The products we offer are natural and paraben free. Our focus is skin fitness and health. Our product research and testing is extensive. We make sure the ingredients meet our goal of providing a more naturally based solution in improving the skin and delivering results.