How to Open a Day Spa

how to open a successful day spa with spavia.

  • The Initial Investment

  • Discovery Day

  • Getting Started

  • Finding Your Location

  • The Chalk Walk

  • Ribbon Cutting

We are really different than most salons or day spas. You won’t find hair or nail services. It’s not a hectic environment filled with disturbing noise or smells. We like to say that “we keep the good smells in and the bad smells out.”

Allison Langenderfer, spavia Founder

The Initial Investment

The Spavia Day Spa investment ranges from $392,708 to $739,915. The majority of our franchisees finance the business. If you have a $500,000 net worth, and $120,000 in available capital, FranFund may be able to help you secure a business loan. You can find more information about FranFund and the initial investment on the Spavia Investment page.

Discovery Day

Our Discovery Day is the best day of franchise candidate’s exploration of spavia®. You will experience resort like individualized spa services. You will see all the systems meticulously designed to help you run your spavia®. You will meet the founders and the people who will be supporting you as a new franchisee, and they will be interviewing you as well. It shows that you are serious about opening a spavia® and it is an exciting step in your journey.

Getting Started

Once you’ve signed the franchise agreement and are ready to get started, it’s all about preparation. Understanding the steps and learning from spavia – what’s important to focus on. Pouring through the operations manual, spavia training and using a very amazing online tool – The Spavia Teamsite is really powerful – it has an incredible amount of support, documents and information to run the business. Guest forms, marketing materials and information about guest services. It has a newsroom to keep current on challenges and opportunities in the business. It’s a lot to digest, but preparation is energizing!

Finding Your Location

One of the first steps is finding the right location. Working with spavia corporate and the real estate team has brought the perfect marriage of analytics and gut feel. It’s an amazing feeling when you look at the site where your future spavia will be… it’s exciting!
You feel confident, especially knowing all the thought that goes into it. Spavia corporate provides analytical tools including a location matrix and many tools to evaluate the site.

Most important, is the feeling you have looking at your future spavia. There is nothing like it!

The Chalk Walk

The chalk walk is a lot of fun and where the planning becomes reality. After the architect has finished the plans and the general contractor is ready to build, you get to walk the space. You will see where the walls will go, envision the retreat area and the reception area. At this point, your spa is starting to come alive.

Creating Your Team

One of our favorite moments is getting all of your staff together for a team meeting. You’ll have 20-30 people that are all excited to open your spavia! It’s your team, you’ve hired and selected the best and they are eager to learn. By the time you are having your meeting, many have already been through the courses in Spavia University and had practical hands-on treatment training. Now everyone gets together to hear about the vision and mission of spavia. And of course, hear about the exceptional experience you will be delivering to your guests.

Ribbon Cutting

The ribbon cutting is pure adrenaline! Now it’s time for a deep breath and a quick celebration. The building phase of your new spavia is done. Warm colors, cobblestone, shiny flooring, rooms are set- it’s time to show your new spavia off!
You invite the community, your family, friends, staff and the entire team that helped build spavia . You are ready to greet your first guests!