giving back

Giving back to the community is the cornerstone of Spavia. We believe in helping communities thrive. Every spavia is a part of a community, and we’re committed to helping neighborhoods thrive in every community we do business. It’s an important part of our culture and we strive to give back to our communities.

We find there are so many opportunities to help and when you help the community, the community really gets behind and supports the business.

Here are some of the ways we’ve given back since we started:

  • Providing complementary spa treatments to parents of kids with cancer
  • Fundraisers, silent auctions, charity golf tournaments.
  • K-12 schools events, teacher appreciation, school fundraisers.

Our spavia cares program involves guests nominating someone from the community that has given above and beyond or might have a personal challenge. We then select a nominee and provide them with a complimentary signature spa treatment. Our team helps in the community every day with our focus on wellness. We created the name spavia by, combining “spa” and “via” to create a concept that Allison, the Founder, describes as “the route or pathway to wellness through it’s spa offerings.”

The mission of spavia is to bring affordable spa experiences to the neighborhood. For our guests, it becomes a necessity in their lives, something they look forward to doing on a regular basis. When we make a difference in our guest’s lives, they leave feeling great. When they leave spavia, they are in a great state of mind which means they may make a positive difference in someone else’s life.

And that’s a big deal to us. We think it makes the world a better place.