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Best in Class Design

The spavia design delivers the ultimate beauty along with efficient functionality. From our exterior signage to our relaxing interiors, every detail is deliberately created to provide our guests with complete relaxation.

We like waves and flow, it’s a relaxing feeling inside the spa. The colors are very warm and inviting. Spavia is a place where we want guests to feel very comfortable. While we love compliments from our guests, we also enjoy that behind the scenes, our staff appreciates the efficiency and the flow of operations. Our owners like the utilization of space as our design focuses on revenue maximization. Best of all, guests love how spavia looks – we pay attention to every detail!

Extraordinary Team

Spavia employees are simply the best. They are selected from hundreds of applicants to be part of the spavia team. Spavia employees are critical in achieving our goal of exceptional experience for each and every guest. We are quickly building the reputation as one of the best places to work.

We view our vendors as part of the team. These relationships are extremely important to us. We have worked a long time to get to a place where we are confident that the products and services that our vendors provide are the best in the industry. Price is always important, but so is the ability to deliver consistent products that meet our philosophy and deliver results.

World Class Systems

Our operational systems are world class, giving our owners complete control over every aspect of the business. Our reservation system, retail system, phone system, security system and accounting systems are available anytime and anywhere. Our spavia systems allow owners to stay close to the business, while at home or on vacation.

Pricing Innovation

Spavia has pioneered membership pricing for spa services. Our membership pricing includes several levels which meets our guest’s needs and keeps them returning to spavia every month. With membership, our visits are more predictable, allowing better business planning, more consistent work for our partners and more predictable cash flow for our owners.

Intelligent Locations

As a neighborhood concept, spavia works with you to find locations that deliver high traffic and strong appeal. Our location matrix analytics provide a solid foundation to identify the best available location for your new spavia.

Branded Marketing Acquisitions

Our marketing programs are laser focused on the neighborhoods and communities surrounding spavia. Acquiring first time customers to experience the spavia advantage is the cornerstone of our marketing efforts. Once our guests visit, they come back again and again.