Discovery Day

Our Discovery Day is the best and final part of a franchise candidate’s exploration of spavia. Discovery Day is when you get the opportunity to see spavia in action and see how our team delivers an exceptional experience.

The ending is what our franchise candidates love, a complimentary spavia massage or facial.

Discovery Day is always fun. It happens after you are done with all the due diligence, reading the franchise disclosure documents, working through financials, reviewing agreements. Now it is time to meet face to face with the founders and meet the people who will be supporting you as a new franchisee. It shows that you are serious about opening a spavia but also an exciting part of the journey.

Discovery Day

We are really different than most salons or day spas. You won’t find hair or nail services. It’s not a hectic environment filled with disturbing noise or smells. We like to say that “we keep the good smells in and the bad smells out.”

— Allison Langenderfer, spavia Founder
Spavia Owner Guidebook
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