Build & Open

Building a spavia is an amazing process. It starts with the location, assessing the dimensions, the infrastructure, existing finish and much more. Next is working with the architect, general contractor, equipment, suppliers and set-up.

Lastly, is selecting your team, getting everyone trained with protocols and practice. Much of your focus is how to bring the exceptional experience alive!

And of course, with marketing and community development , you are ready to open – the Ribbon Cutting. The ribbon cutting is pure adrenaline! It’s time for a deep breath and a quick celebration. Warm colors, cobblestone, shiny flooring, rooms are set and retail shelves are stocked… it’s time to show off YOUR spavia!

You invite the community, your family, friends, staff and the entire team that helped build spavia. You are ready to greet your first guests!

Do you financially qualify? Check out our investment page.

We are really different than most salons or day spas. You won’t find hair or nail services. It’s not a hectic environment filled with disturbing noise or smells. We like to say that “we keep the good smells in and the bad smells out.”

Allison Langenderfer, spavia Founder