You Owe it To Your Community to open a spavia Franchise


As you mull over what type of spa franchise you’re going to purchase, you’re probably thinking about how this opportunity will help you and your family financially. And that is true. What’s also true is how beneficial your day spa will be for members of your community due to the proven health benefits of massage and self-care. Bottom line? You owe it to your community to open a spavia franchise!

Here’s why:


Americans are under a lot stress.

The American Psychological Association has been surveying Americans’ stress levels every year since 2007 and 2017 levels showed “a statistically significant increase in stress” since the first survey, with about 20 percent of those questioned reporting that they were experiencing extreme stress (rating their stress at an 8, 9 or 10 on a 10-point scale).

Your spavia day spa will help alleviate their stress, as several studies on the benefits of massage have shown that massage is effective in reducing muscle tension, pain and stress.

Your spavia spa franchise also focuses on the entire spa experience, not just the treatments.

We believe that coming for a facial or massage should be about more than coming to relax. Relaxing is important, of course, but spavia exists to provide our customers with a relaxing and exceptional, luxurious experience at very reasonable (affordable) price.

It’s a great feeling knowing your massage franchise is doing good in the world.

That’s what sold Sandy, Utah spavia franchise owner Dawn Porter on opening a massage/spa franchise: she loved the idea that she would affect people’s lives in an important and positive way.  

In fact, Dawn (who worked in project management and grant writing prior to opening her sapvia) wasn’t even sure what type of franchise to purchase. She researched a few different types of opportunities with the thought that she “…wanted something in the service industry that would benefit others. That’s how I decided on spa/massage.”

She ultimately chose spavia as her spa franchise of choice because our spas are “much more affordable for customers…. That was far more appealing to me and guided much of my decision….”

You’ll be able to expand your franchise more quickly than starting a spa on your own.

Start a spa on your own and you will need to make your mistakes and learn from them and that can take some time. But spa franchise owners tend to open additional locations more quickly than privately owned businesses due to the fact that the franchisor already has worked out all the kinks in the business prior to opening up the opportunity to franchising. Your learning curve therefore is shortened, and you won’t have to recover from beginner’s mistakes—all the while bringing the benefits of massage to more people in your community. 

Be the difference

Your community members will come to your spa for its health benefits as well as the pampering. They’ll leave relaxed, rejuvenated and pampered. That’s why your community needs your spavia day spa! They need to de-stress and they need to do so without breaking their budgets. They need YOU!

For more information on opening a spa franchise with us, take a look at our free spavia day spa Franchise Facts report. Additional questions? Contact us at any time.