What is “The spavia Experience?”


If you’re thinking of opening your own day spa and massage franchise, you undoubtedly have visited local spas (your future competitors) to check them out and to see what you’re up against.

You more than likely decided to visit an “affordable spa” chain (we’re not going to name names) that also touts itself as one that pampers and spoils its customers while giving them a luxurious experience. You may have felt pampered, but did you feel as if you were enjoying your facial or massage in the lap of luxury? We figure: no, you certainly did not!

But your spavia day spa customers will. And they won’t be paying anything more than those other “affordable” spas. 

We tout again and again how our guests enjoy the most luxurious of spa experiences. But what does that mean, exactly? Take a look below for a more detailed discussion of just what is “the spavia experience.” 

In many ways, your spa’s services and ambience is similar to that of a spa at the Ritz-Carlton, but without the exorbitant price tag:

Their luxury experience begins as soon as they walk through your spavia location’s door.

The reception area of your spa will be one that exudes peace and calm: the interior’s colors are warm and inviting. But your guests don’t wait for their appointment in the lobby. Instead, one of your team members will take them to a waiting room where they will change into soft and fluffy robes (complete with soft slippers), where they can sip a beverage of their choice and actually relax before their treatment even begins. 

Once in their treatment room, the pampering begins in earnest.

Their masseuse/masseur/esthetician will ask them what type of music they’d like to hear during their treatment and what kind of candle fragrance they’d like to have burning in the room. If getting a massage, they’ll be asked how much pressure they want applied during their session. They’ll be asked if they’d more or less explanation of what the technician/esthetician is doing on their body/face. This is all in an effort to further customize the treatment to the client.

The pampering doesn’t end when their treatment does: your spavia day spa technician will accompany your guest after their massage or facial back to the waiting room, where they may stay and relax for as long as they like.

In other words, the only time one of your guests isn’t being pampered is only before or after they’ve entered your location!

Your spavia team members will make sure your customers’ experiences with you are exactly what they want, not what your employees think is best.

The products you use on your guests are among the best available. 

The skin care products we offer are paraben free and all-natural. Your estheticians focus on skin health and all products they use undergo extensive research and testing, making sure they work naturally to deliver results when it comes to improving guests’ skin health and appearance.

Your guests have the option of becoming spavia members, thus saving them money.

A spavia day spa membership is akin to a wellness program as it allows your guests to enjoy facials and massages and other skin care treatments more often. Your location’s memberships are affordable to all of your guests because you will be offering three different levels and three different price points. None of your guests should have to skip a monthly skin treatment or massage due to cost.


Frankly, your guests’ time with you isn’t one of you providing mere facial, skin treatment and massage services. Instead, you’re giving them an experience, one that will have them leave your spa feeling pampered and rejuvenated.

Your spavia day spa will stand out completely from your competitors’. So, when it comes to choosing which massage franchise to invest in as an entrepreneur, there is no better choice than spavia day spa.

If you’d like to learn more about how spavia is the right spa franchise for you, please don’t hesitate to contact us.