The Ideal spavia Day Spa Franchisee


As wonderful as the spavia day spa franchise opportunity is, it’s not for everyone who wants to purchase one of our franchises. And, as terrific as the people who contact us for more information on our franchise opportunity are, not everyone is equally qualified to open one. Take a look below for the type of individual we consider to be the ideal franchisee for spavia.

You’re going to need money.

How much money? It’s not insignificant: we’re talking an initial franchise investment of $273,045 to $596,057 to purchase a spavia day spa franchise.

Don’t panic if you don’t match the ideal candidate in this regard: many of our owners finance a portion of their franchise investment. However, you will need to have available capital of $120,000 and a net worth of at least $500,000.

Still with us? Great!

A capacity to work... hard

potentially harder and longer than you ever thought possible. For days. Weeks. Months. Without a Break (Pretty Much).

Yes, the semi-absentee option of our two ownership models (Owner/Operator and Semi-Absentee) allows you to continue to work at another job while you open your spa, but that doesn’t  mean you’ll be observing from the sidelines while others do the work. Choose semi-absentee and you will, in essence, be working two full-time jobs!

Owner-operators also will be working far more than eight hours a day Monday through Friday.

Opening your spa will be the hardest – but most rewarding – work you ever will have done.


A high(ish) level of corporate/management experience.

You don’t have to be a member of the C-suite in a corporation to purchase a spavia day spa, but you do need solid management experience. 

Many of our franchisees worked as physicians, dentists, managers of other spas, CFOS, VPs and so on, but not all. What they all share is a level of business savvy of some kind. Many have marketing bona fides. Several have hired (and fired) and led teams. Several have advanced degrees, but not all. Leadership ability is essential.

If You’re a “Corporate Refugee,” We May Be Just What You’re Looking For. 

In a nutshell, an ideal franchisee is a seasoned professional who has worked hard to move up in the world and who has successfully managed his/her finances in order to accumulate a rather considerable net worth.

And what do you get out of this investment in money and sweat?

The chance to be in charge and become financially independent (particularly if you decide to add additional spavia locations, thus creating something of a spa/massage empire). Gross revenue for established locations averages $1,451,984 in gross revenue, with a gross profit of $852,218 and net profit of $304,630. How’s that for empire building!?

If you feel you’re the ideal candidate to take advantage of this terrific franchise opportunity, or if you have more questions, contact us. Our Franchise Development Team will be happy to assist in adding clarity.