Spavia Franchisee Support and Training

Starting a business is hard; starting a franchise is easier.

Notice we didn’t say easy. Because it’s not. Opening any type of business, whether it’s a franchise or a business build from scratch, is difficult and quite possibly could become the hardest – but most worthwhile – things you’ve ever done.

Opening one of our day spa franchises is much easier than building a business from scratch because of the terrific support and training programs we provide our franchisees. In other words, you are the owner of your franchise, but we work with you to help ensure your success.

Here's a quick overview of our franchisee training and support:


We understand that many of our franchisees have never run a business on their own before. Many have been medical professionals or leaders/managers, even members of the C-suite at their former employers.

But owning a business is far different than working for one, no matter high up the organization chart you climbed - and so we’ve put together our Spavia University in which we will train you in all of our highly accessible systems, processes and procedures.

From learning the secrets of reading a P & L statement, to sourcing and hiring – and even firing – your spa’s staff, to marketing your day spa, dealing with customer complaints, purchasing supplies, sourcing a location (or a second or third location once your first Spavia location is successful), and so much more, we’ll teach you how to be a successful business owner.


Your success is our success, so we provide all manner of support tools to help you grow a thriving massage franchise. We provide our franchisees world-class reservation, phone, retail, accounting, and security systems, available to you 24/7. We also help you locate and lease a space that will attract foot and drive-by traffic from members of your target market.

We provide detailed instructions regarding all infrastructure your physical location will need and also will help you order the needed equipment and supplies. We also help you find contractors to build out your space, making sure it’s ready in time for your planned grand opening.

And speaking of your target market, we’ll help you complete a marketing plan for your location. Our representatives also will look into – and book – advertising for your day spa in your regions’ media outlets.

Our 7 Stepping Stones to Ownership guide details the steps in the process to owning your Spavia.  Take a look!

If you’re ready to get started now, feel free to contact us today.