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Want to Be Your Own Boss But Without the Hassle of Starting from the Ground Up?

Are you at the point in your life and career where you need a change? It seems that most people have that breaking point where they are done working for someone else. Now you have a choice: break away and start a new company from the ground up, or buy into an already established brand  Read More

Open a spavia Day Spa in Metro Detroit

Think of Metro Detroit. What comes to mind? Motown? The “Big 3” auto makers? But did know that the arts and culture of the city is a booming industry, and more and more businesses are funneling in as it offers a rich environmental—full of potential—and lower overhead costs? Seems like now is a great time to open a spavia day spa in Metro Detroit. Read More

The Ideal spavia Day Spa Franchisee

As wonderful as the spavia day spa franchise opportunity is, it’s not for everyone who wants to purchase one of our franchises. And, as terrific as the people who contact us for more information on our franchise opportunity are, not everyone is equally qualified to open one. Take a look below for the type of individual we consider to be the ideal... Read More

You Owe it To Your Community to open a spavia Franchise

As you mull over what type of spa franchise you’re going to purchase, you’re probably thinking about how this opportunity will help you and your family financially. And that is true. What’s also true is how beneficial your day spa will be for members of your community due to the proven health benefits of massage and self-care. Bottom line? You owe... Read More

Open a spavia in San Diego

San Diego. A few words that conjure up a wealth of good thoughts: sun, fun, the beach, surfing, its fabulous zoo, an exceedingly vibrant downtown, terrific shopping and arts, and (relatively - when traffic isn’t clogged) quick access to all that is good (and bad) about Los Angeles via Interstate 5. Read More
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