Open a spavia in San Diego


San Diego. A few words that conjure up a wealth of good thoughts: sun, fun, the beach, surfing, its fabulous zoo, an exceedingly vibrant downtown, terrific shopping and arts, and (relatively - when traffic isn’t clogged) quick access to all that is good (and bad) about Los Angeles via Interstate 5.

Its city tag line may be understandably mockable: “America’s Finest City.” But really: San Diego truly is fine, in every sense of the word. 

And it makes an absolutely terrific spot to open a spavia day spa.

San Diego offers not one, but three terrific reasons to become a franchisee here:


  1. Its residents are relatively wealthy: San Diego’s real median household income was $70,824 in 2016, compared to $57,617 for the entire U.S. and $67,739 for all of California. Granted, San Diego is one of the most expensive cities to live in in the U.S., but….
  2. San Diegans are highly attuned to the benefits of massage and facial treatments and are also looking to continuously look their best, and….
  3. Tourists flock to the area, with wallets wide open, hoping to enjoy the sun, sand and surf, the fine dining, terrific shopping, and indulge in some pampering. All to the tune of a total tourist spend of $15.8 billion in 2016. 

Own a spavia in San Diego

...and you can take advantage of tourists’ and residents’ love of pampering, build your own massage dynasty and create true wealth for yourself, your family, and possibly your heirs. 

You do need to have $120,000 in available capital and $500,000 in net worth, but your desire for success coupled with the proven spa concept that comes with spavia franchise ownership, allows you to provide the best in skin care and massage technologies and techniques to your customers while bringing you unparalleled marketing and operations systems to help you build your business.

Those who purchase our franchise opportunity can take advantage of three different revenue streams and two different ownership models. Our franchisee support professionals also guide you through your ownership journey. From deciding whether or not to partner with us, to selecting the right San Diego location for your spavia, to hiring and managing your spa’s staff, to marketing your business, and much more.

In addition, once you buy a spa franchise with us, there’s little stopping you from opening a second, third or even fourth or fifth location in San Diego County. Which, itself is filled with residents with a considerable amount of disposable income and also is a popular tourist destination.

Interested in learning more regarding the opportunity to open a spavia in San Diego? Download our free spavia day spa Franchise Facts report. You also may contact us at any time with additional questions or concerns.