Open a spavia Day Spa in Metro Detroit


Think of Metro Detroit. What comes to mind? Motown? The “Big 3” auto makers? But did know that the arts and culture of the city is a booming industry, and more and more businesses are funneling in as it offers a rich environmental—full of potential—and lower overhead costs? Seems like now is a great time to open a spavia day spa in Metro Detroit.

Some Facts: 

We’d be remiss if we didn’t mention that the effects of the recession on low- and middle-income residents are still being felt in Detroit to this day. However…. 

Tourists love to spend money in Motown.

Almost 16 million people visit Metro Detroit each year, spending an estimated $4.8 billion when they do. Open a spavia day spa here and your location will take advantage of visitors’ desire to relax and enjoy the good things in life, including massages and facials and overall pampering!

Open a Spa Here and You’d Be Creating Jobs for Your Neighbors

Purchase a spavia day spa franchise opportunity and not only will you help your family build a business (and real wealth), but you’ll be helping your neighbors because your new business will create brand new jobs, thus adding to Metro Detroit’s growing economy.

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We Must Admit: spavia Franchise Ownership Isn’t for Everyone

Our franchise owners need to have a net worth of at least $500,000 and have $120,000 in available capital (although many of our owners do finance their purchase).

However, your franchise purchase comes with the chance to earn revenue in three different ways. You also may choose between two kinds of ownership models—owner-operator and semi-absentee.

You’ll be offering your customers a luxurious spa experience at affordable prices and you’ll do so knowing that the business you’ve purchased comes with a high amount of support from your Michigan-based franchisor team in finding a location, operations,  marketing and hiring and training your employees. 

To help you learn more about spavia franchise ownership, we’re offering you a free spavia day spa Franchise Facts report. We also hope you’ll contact us if you have any additional questions.