Leadership in the Franchise Business

If you’re buying a franchise, you’re going to need leadership skills and – frankly – we can’t think of a better example of leadership development than in the franchise industry.

We also feel that those same leadership skills are highly applicable to those who want to purchase a franchise, particularly if they want to purchase one or more spa and massage franchises.

Our reasoning? Take a look below.

1. Leadership quality probably is the make-or-break factor when it comes to a franchise.

And it’s the same for a franchisee: Your business savvy, prior experience, and commitment to your enterprise have a massive impact on whether your franchise will succeed in the spa franchise industry.

Do you have to be a natural leader? Of course not! Leadership skills can be learned (it’s an ongoing process). Business strategies and tactics also can be taught to individuals willing to take the time and spend the money (for classes) to acquire them.

2. Great franchise industry leaders have a clear and compelling vision.

They write down – as in actually put it in writing – the vision they have for their franchise opportunity. They are exceedingly specific and include time lines, tasks, challenges, and goals.

If you plan on buying a franchise, you also should write a plan (this could be in addition to your business plan) that details the goals you want to meet, the vision you have for your business, the challenges you face (and how you plan to overcome them), and so on.

3. Great leaders know when they need help and aren’t afraid to ask for it.

Creating a franchise is hard work. Not many people do it successfully, so those hoping to expand their business idea into an actual franchise need to be willing to go to others with more experience and ask for advice and/or help.

The same goes for spa and massage franchises: if you’re planning on opening one, make sure you’re comfortable asking questions because you’re going to be asking many of them!

What’s more, great franchisees embrace the fact that their franchisor has put together its polices/procedures and rules/guidelines for a reason: they found that they work! Savvy franchisees therefore know it’s wisest to follow them as exactly as possible.

4. Top franchise leaders hire the best people possible (and aren’t afraid to fire them, when needed).

Leaders in the franchise industry often start their businesses with friends and family members. Once they are ready to franchise their business idea to others, they understand that these beloved partners may have to be let go at some point (possibly sooner than anyone thinks) in order to ensure that the franchise grows. Not everyone is cut out to grow a business into a franchise. Not everyone is cut out to take a franchise from start-up to established: the skills needed for each stage differ.

Owners of spa and massage franchises also may take on family members and friends in the beginning, but as your franchise location grows you may have to let some of them go if they aren’t up to the tasks a more established location requires or if they don’t share the vision you have for your franchise. These can be very painful partings, so it’s best if you can hire people from the beginning who have the needed skills and share your goals and vision.

Here at spavia day spa, we have put together an incredible “success system” to help our franchisees grow their businesses.

We’ve also put together a short guidebook from our current franchisees in which they discuss their experience with spavia. It’s our free gift to you.

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