Importance of Validation

So you’ve decided a spavia day spa is the franchise for you. Thank you!

But before you can become an owner, we have to decide that you’re the franchisee for us: it’s time for you to go through the validation process.

Please don’t take this personally: not everyone is cut out for business ownership and/or owning a franchise. You need to:

  • Have the commitment and stamina needed to own a business,
  • understand how much work it’s going to take to be successful,
  • have the ability to follow the processes and procedures our successful franchisees use to be….successful, and
  • have the capital/net worth needed to fund your business.

The Validation Process

Ensuring that we’ll make a good team entails emailing you, asking you to fill out a more personal questionnaire regarding your professional background and finances.

We’ll have several validation calls and emails with you. You’ll participate in a few webinars, work some financial calculators and participate in franchisee forums. We’ll discuss your potential territory you’ll also chat with current franchisees to get their insight into what it takes to become an owner.

Then, if we decide together that we’re a good fit, you’ll come to our Centennial, CO headquarters to meet us in person and get a walkthrough of our facilities. You’ll have a chance to ask all of the questions you have and look over all of our agreements and documents.

Finally, if we both agree that we’re a great match you should be able to purchase your spavia day spa franchise within 4 to 6 weeks of starting the validation process.

The Validation Process Helps YOU!

We want to help you be as successful as possible and we’ve found that that starts with making sure you’re a good fit for spavia ownership: we’d be remiss if we allowed someone who really isn’t to spend the considerable amount of money they’re going to be spending only to see them close their location in a year or two. That’s not fair to us and definitely not fair to you or your family.

It’s true: sometimes the best thing any franchiser can do is turn down a potential franchisee and/or help the potential franchise owner find that they’re just not cut out for franchising in general or a certain franchise opportunity in particular.

That’s Probably NOT You!

If you’ve been reading our blog for some time and downloaded some of our free reports offering more information on the spavia opportunity, and you’re still here, chances are good you have the capital, the savvy and the work ethic to make this happen.

So if you haven’t done so already, take this next important step: fill out our “Become a Franchisee” form and start our validation process.

We look forward to working with you! Contact us if you have any questions!