The Real Health Benefits of Massage

Massages definitely feel great: they are one of the most relaxing of services your Spavia Day Spa franchise will offer. Yet while your guests will leave your massage franchise feeling peaceful and rejuvenated, you can be proud of the fact that your massage services also provide them with proven health benefits.

Massages are much, much more than a frivolous luxury.

While some people look at a massage as an extra, a way to be pampered, others look at them as complementary healthcare procedures, or as even alternative medicine. And they certainly can be. Let’s explore.

1. Massage is known to be an effective treatment for reducing muscle tension, pain and stress.

You probably knew that. But did you know that massages can help alleviate and manage anxiety? Generalized Anxiety Disorder (GAD) affects about 18 percent of U.S. citizens, and is 60 percent more likely to present in women than in men. It can affect the human digestive, respiratory and cardiovascular systems and it truly can affect an individual’s quality of life, causing a person to feel restless/on edge, have difficulty concentrating, experience muscle pain and tension, and affect an individual’s ability to both fall and stay asleep.

Treating anxiety often includes cognitive behavioral therapy and stress management instruction and medication. Yet regular massages can help manage two different aspects of GAD, sleep problems and muscle tension. Massages reduce stress and a reduction in stress can help people get a restful night’s sleep.

As for reducing pain, Swedish massage (the masseuse uses long gliding strokes), is said to be best for stress reduction and better sleep, while deep tissue massage can reduce pain in muscles because it releases muscle tension.

2. Massage is known to help with fibromyalgia and headaches.

Fibromyalgia patients report considerable stiffness and discomfort before a massage and then feeling “lighter” and in less pain after. Massage can increase serotonin levels, decrease stress hormones and substance P levels, improve sleep, decrease joint pain and improve the overall sense of well-being.

These same benefits also can provide relief to headache sufferers, including tension headaches, because massaging the suboccipital muscles (those muscles right below the back of head) relieving tension from  the very area that can trigger tension headaches. (Take a moment and remember the last time someone massaged that area of your body; massaging the suboccipitals arguably provides the most pleasing and relaxing of sensations.)

3. The benefits should always be supplemental to medical care.

As many true health benefits provided by massage as there are, it never should be used as a replacement for regular medical care supervised by a physician or qualified medical practitioner. Anyone looking to treat stress, anxiety, fibromyalgia, insomnia, sports injuries, headaches, etc. should do so only with their physician’s approval.

By opening a Spavia Day Spa, you have an opportunity to truly help your community.

Pampering is all well and good. Some could argue – rightfully, in our opinion – that allowing oneself the chance to be pampered every now and then is a good thing. A very good thing.  Yet because massage has so many real health benefits, our franchisees also can know that they’re helping their neighbors and friends stay healthy and vibrant. A very, very good thing!

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