Build Your Empire: Multi-location spavia Ownership

Since you’re going to open a spavia day spa, why not open another one. Or three!?

Seriously: being a multi-location spavia owner has some pretty nifty benefits, especially financially.

Imagine: take the average $1.14 million in gross revenue reported by our established spavia locations and multiple that by two, or three, or more! How would that kind of revenue impact your family’s finances now and into the future (possibly even into your grandchildren's’ futures)?

(Here’s another secret: it’s “not uncommon” for multi-location franchisees to become a “bigger and more experienced company than the franchisor they are investing in.” How about that for building an empire!?)

Bottom line? Several locations mean several revenue streams. Own multiple spavia locations and if one of them dips in revenue from time to time, the others are there to keep your overall revenue consistent.

Each of your spavia franchise locations also has three revenue streams: massages, facials and retail product sales. Multiply those numbers by two, three or more locations and you can see how consistent your sales and revenue numbers can be.

Plus, being a multi-location owner also means that each of your locations helps promote the others. People in your region see a spavia in one town and in another and another and they’re soon enough thinking: “spavia! I see them everywhere. I need to check them out.”

Voila! By owning multiple spavia locations, you’ve just expanded the opportunities the members of your community have to experience the real health benefits of massage as well as the well-deserved gift of luxurious pampering. Or, as one of our owners said when she decided to open another spavia day spa location in Reno, Nevada:

“There’s nothing like what spavia offers. Reno needed a spa that provides a luxurious, resort-like experience at an affordable price.”

Our spavia franchise opportunity also offers you the choice between being an owner-operator and a semi-absentee owner. Choose the semi-absentee and you’ll have more time to manage multiple locations because you’ll be hiring a general manager to run each of your spas, allowing you to do what you do best: build your spavia day spa empire!

We are looking for professionals (who may or may not have experience in the medical/health/massage industries) who have a net worth of at least $500,000 or $120,000 in available capital (financing options are available).

If you’ve already decided to open your own spavia day spa, we would like you to seriously consider opening more at some point. While we understand that you may want to get your first location established, why wait? If you’re thinking of opening more later why not change that opening date to now and own multiple spavia locations from the get-go? Your finances, your heirs – and your customers – will thank you!

We’re always here for you. Contact us if you have any additional questions.