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Open a spavia in San Diego

San Diego. A few words that conjure up a wealth of good thoughts: sun, fun, the beach, surfing, its fabulous zoo, an exceedingly vibrant downtown, terrific shopping and arts, and (relatively - when traffic isn’t clogged) quick access to all that is good (and bad) about Los Angeles via Interstate 5. Read More

4 Reasons spavia Owners Love spavia Over Other Franchises

You’ve decided to become a franchisee in the day spa sector. Wise choice! Now it’s time to choose which franchise. Naturally, we truly believe you should own a spavia day spa. Here are four reasons spavia owners love spavia over other franchises. Read More

How to Hire The Right People

Whoo boy! Now the fun begins! you’ve signed your franchise agreement with spavia day spas and you now are one of our franchisees. as you decide on a location for your spa, you should start thinking of hiring. yes, you’re weeks or months from opening, but it’s hiring staff and building a team that will make or break your spavia franchise. hiring,... Read More