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Spavia Franchisee Support and Training

Starting a business is hard; starting a franchise is easier. Notice we didn’t say easy. Because it’s not. Opening any type of business, whether it’s a franchise or a business build from scratch, is difficult and quite possibly could become the hardest – but most worthwhile – things you’ve ever done. Read More

Myths About Owning a Day Spa Franchise

“I’ll need to sell my home to afford it.” “I’ll never see my family.” “I don’t even know where to start.” We’ve heard these phrases many times from our prospective massage franchise owners. We call them franchise myths and they are dangerous in that they keep many potential entrepreneurs on the sidelines, because they think the risks of owning a... Read More

Should I Start a Business From Scratch or Open a Franchise?

Like buying a home, starting one’s own business is a big part of the American Dream: 452,000 Americans started a business in 2014. When it comes to making a living, we just seem to love independence. Read More