4 Reasons to Buy a Franchise

Professionals with an entrepreneurial bent often dream of going into business for themselves, yet the reality can be challenging:

  • Everything – and we mean everything – rests on you (at least in the beginning). Sales. Marketing. Hiring/firing. Inventory. Budgeting. Bookkeeping. Even cleaning the toilets.
  • If you’re not actually working in or on your business, you’re thinking about your business. In a very real sense, you’re always working.
  • Cash flow often is an issue. So customer payment collection.
  • You will make mistakes. Just accept it. (You also may cry some. Male or female, doesn’t matter. Tears will be shed!)
  • It’s stressful.
  • Personal life? Ha!

But when you realize that the start-a-business bug has bitten you hard, there’s really no going back. It becomes your passion, your baby, your all and everything.

Starting a business is also – possibly only second to raising a child successfully – one of the most satisfying things anyone can do in their lives!

So, if you’ve caught that entrepreneurial fever and you know that starting a business is What. You. MUST. Do. then consider purchasing a franchise rather than starting an endeavor from the ground up.

Whether you’re thinking of opening a restaurant, cleaning, landscaping, marketing, handyman, or spa franchise here are four solid reasons to buy a franchise:

1. You’re in charge but you’re not alone.

As mentioned above, a business owner is the go-to guy or gal for everything. Being so can be exhausting, stressful and could keep you awake for nights on end.

A franchise, however, lets you build a business with a lot of help. You’re still in charge, but you’re not going it alone because you have guidance and support from successful business owners. They want you to succeed and they pretty much are available to help 24/7.

You also will follow a proven and successful system. Companies that franchise themselves tend to not do so until they have a successful and duplicable system in place. They may have opened other locations to see how well the systems worked. They have, in effect, worked out all the kinks in their methods, thus allowing you to build your business quickly and successfully.

2. You can take advantage of considerable cost savings when it comes to the operation of your business.

Many franchisors are able to negotiate discounts and/or incentives for their franchisees from shopping centers (for offices, restaurants, a massage franchise, etc.), equipment, insurance, marketing, and much more, including:

3. You have a better chance at success.

The “fact” that 85 percent of franchises succeed has been thoroughly debunked, but franchises still do succeed more than non-franchises (they also still fail; remember that). In fact, an Entrepreneur.com article recently stated that “government research over the years has indicated that the success rate for franchise-owned endeavors is significantly better than the rate for non-franchise-owned small business.”

4. You don’t take on as much risk.

As hinted at above, your franchisor already has made the mistakes as they started the business. They have put together systems, procedures and tried ways of doing things to see which work the best.

Even if the franchise opportunity only recently started franchising, its owner started one or two – or more – locations of their business before deciding to franchise it. They made the mistakes so you don’t have to.

So why buy a franchise? It’s easier; you have a slightly better chance of success; many issues already have been straightened out, allowing you to “easily” start and become successful; and you get to be the guy/gal “in charge” without having to “go it alone.” (Best of both worlds, in our opinion!)

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