Our Story

spavia offers high quality, customized, affordable spa services in a relaxing atmosphere. We alleviate stress and tension through our massage, facial, and body treatments.

spavia is your spa

spavia provides ultimate relaxation and an exceptional experience for our members and guests. We aim to serve as a refuge where you can frequently relax, escape, and thrive, while being more affordable than any comparable spa experience.

We are leaders

spavia is changing the perception of spas. The spa experience is no longer a costly luxury–spavia is for anyone who wants to frequently relax, escape, and thrive. We are contributors. Company-wide, we value and contribute to the social causes in our communities. A portion of spavia’s earnings goes directly to our communities for charity efforts.

What you need more often

We are your spa. We are here to make the health benefits of massage and spa treatments part of your everyday life. spavia…what you need more often.


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Our guests love our membership, it encourages frequent visits. You need to take time once a month to really take care of yourself. And our membership helps achieve one of our primary goals, bringing affordability to the spa experience."
— Allison Langenderfer, spavia Founder