"I feel comfortable at spavia, they pay attention to every detail."

The spa experience is no longer a costly luxury. spavia is for anyone who wants to frequently relax, escape, and thrive.

Our guests inspire us. At spavia, we’re completely focused on exceeding expectations. We listen to our guests, and we measure our success based on each and every experience.

Our guests talk about how massage helps them, it helps them relax – many carry stress in their backs and necks and get some relief from pain.  People’s lives are hectic, working incredibly hard, whether at home with kids or long hours on the job or traveling.  Spavia is a place they can get away from it all, get healthier and rejuvenate.

While massage is very popular, the skin care industry is growing quickly. The products we offer are natural and paraben free. Our focus is skin fitness and health. Our product research and testing is extensive.  We make sure the ingredients meet our goal of providing a more naturally based solution in improving the skin and delivering results.

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Our guests love our membership, it encourages frequent visits. You need to take time once a month to really take care of yourself. And our membership helps achieve one of our primary goals, bringing affordability to the spa experience."
— Allison Langenderfer, spavia Founder


Aaron Z.

"I’ve been coming to Spavia since the doors opened. Cycling is one of the things I really enjoy. Being able to come in to relax the muscles, it’s one of the things that helps my performance ."

Angela W.

"I love watching this spa grow from it’s beautiful roots to where it is today. My husband and I have been coming to Spavia together, we do couples massage, we give ourselves the break that we need. And guess what? We’re expecting a baby so I still get to visit spavia for my maternity massages."

"So one of the cool things about Spavia, everytime I come in here, it’s like, I feel like a celebrity. I’m greeted with a warm, welcoming smile and I have created amazing relationships with people that work here. I go into the retreat room, the relaxing books are always have something inspirational that I need for the day."

Cathy M.

"I love coming to Spavia because it’s a great escape for me. It’s the one place where I can go to and I don’t have to worry about anyone’s schedule but my own."

Christine H.

"I love my Spavia membership for so many reasons. I realize the benefits of a massage on a regular basis. I’m able to bring friends with me and it’s a nice way to spend some girl time. It’s a wonderful way to pamper myself."

Kimberly C.

"I love that I can come every month. I’ve noticed huge results seeing my esthetician. I purchase products from Spavia to continue my skin regimen at home. I love that Spavia has a variety of facials that I can choose from. I’ve had the hydraderm, anti -aging facials and the peels, and I love them all, they’ve been great."

Michael T.

"I love Spavia because it is so convenient and easy to get to. One of the things that I love about Spavia is it’s a monthly membership. I had neck surgery a couple of years ago and this has been a regular part of my recovery."

Pam G.

"I’ve received massages everywhere; all over the United States, in other countries, and on cruise ships. This is by far my favorite day spa ever. The reason that I like spavia the best, is because the moment you walk in, you can leave your worries at the door. They treat you like you’re the most important person in the world and you get to choose your lotion and your music. It’s just one of my favorite vacation spots. They also have something here called Spalebrations... I actually got to celebrate my birthday here with a bunch of girlfriends. We went out to lunch and then we all just spent the afternoon relaxing."

Stacy W.

"I love being aSpavia member because it is the one priceless thing that I do to take time out of my chaotic schedule that’s just for me."

Lori and Scott M.

"We love our Spavia membership. It’s just our oasis from life, a way to relax. We’ve had to cut back on a lot of things, but this is one thing we just didn’t cut back. It was so important to us to be able to relax with a couples massage for an hour a month. It may not sound like a lot, but to us, it’s a lot."

Brad F.

"Those of us in middle age that try to stay active, there’s no way we can avoid the bumps and bruises and the pains of activity. Without a regular massage program, like I have here at Spavia, I certainly would not be able to do the things that I do."

"I find that at least twice a month, I need to come in and get my lower back worked on. That’s my problem area. It has been something that has really helped me."

"Often I get massages when I travel , The massages that I get, I’m used to paying $120 or more for 60 minutes. I’m getting the same exact experience for sometimes half that amount. I’m not receiving an affordable massage, I’m receiving a day spa massage and paying half the price."

"I enjoy the overall experience at spavia. From the time I come in, I see the familiar faces of the very friendly people, they make me feel at home. I’m being treated as a valuable customer and member and that’s an experience that makes me come back."