A Premium Spa Franchise Idea is Born

It was 2005 and, like many people, Marty and Allison Langenderfer dreamed of owning their own business. They both had extensive business backgrounds with large, national and multi-national companies: Marty as a managing director at Travelocity and as vice president at Dish Network, and Allison as a highly successful sales professional at Eli Lilly and […]

Why Spas are 2017’s Best Franchise Investment

If you’re interested in purchasing a day spa franchise such as Spavia, you probably know that recent years have seen healthy growth in the spa industry. For example, average revenue for a solo spa location rose to $749,000 in 2014, a 2.9 percent increase over 2013. Meanwhile, industry wide, the industry’s revenue grew by almost […]

12 Franchise Terms You Need to Know

Franchise ownership can be an exciting and enriching experience, freeing you from 9-to-5 routines and giving you the freedom to run the show.  To be successful, however, you will need to stay up-to-date in your industry as well as learn the franchising basics.   We have put together a list of 12 key franchise terms, […]

3 Reasons Why You’ll Love Being Your Own Boss

Who doesn’t dream of owning her own business? Imagine freedom from a micromanaging boss, unrealistic expectations, difficult co-workers, and the fixed income that never truly reflects the real value we bring to our employers. Most of us do think about the benefits of going into business for ourselves: more than half of the working adults […]

What It’s Like to Own Multiple Spavia Locations

Once you open a Spavia Day Spa franchise, don’t be surprised if you soon itch to open another. And another. And perhaps, four more. Also, don’t fear that you’ll be an outlier. More and more franchise owners are becoming owners of multiple locations. In fact, multiple franchise ownership is now the norm. In 2015, 53% […]