6 Qualities of a Successful Franchise Owner

So you want to go the entrepreneurial route and start a business, specifically a day spa franchise such as Spavia. You’ve heard that entrepreneurship requires that someone be fearless, hard-charging, a maverick.  And that’s true… but only to an extent, because successful franchise owners tend to be those who can follow a proven system. How […]

The Real Health Benefits of Massage

Massages definitely feel great: they are one of the most relaxing of services your Spavia Day Spa franchise will offer. Yet while your guests will leave your massage franchise feeling peaceful and rejuvenated, you can be proud of the fact that your massage services also provide them with proven health benefits. Massages are much, much more […]

Women: A Growing Force in Franchising

“Anything you can do, I can do better,” sings Annie Oakley in the 1950 film Annie Get Your Gun.  And while Annie couldn’t always, exactly, shoot better than her sharpshooter husband, she sure could shoot as well as he!  The same goes for business ownership. Women “can do” franchising  – just as well as men. […]


Essential Elements of a Successful Franchise Experience

Opening any type of franchise is going to take a phenomenal amount of work, and a considerable amount of money, either in cash or by taking out loans.  You will naturally want to be sure that the franchisor is one that provides its franchisees with a successful franchise experience, one that can substantiate its claims […]

What’s Wrong with the Traditional Massage Business? Let’s Discuss.

You’ve decided to open a massage franchise, but looking around you notice that something’s not quite right: there are plenty of franchises that provide massages, but there are far too many of them saturating the market.  Spavia Day Spas offer massages, and so do dozens of other franchises. You understandably wonder: what makes Spavia different? […]