3 Reasons Why You’ll Love Being Your Own Boss

Who doesn’t dream of owning her own business? Imagine freedom from a micromanaging boss, unrealistic expectations, difficult co-workers, and the fixed income that never truly reflects the real value we bring to our employers. Most of us do think about the benefits of going into business for ourselves: more than half of the working adults […]

What It’s Like to Own Multiple Spavia Locations

Once you open a Spavia Day Spa franchise, don’t be surprised if you soon itch to open another. And another. And perhaps, four more. Also, don’t fear that you’ll be an outlier. More and more franchise owners are becoming owners of multiple locations. In fact, multiple franchise ownership is now the norm. In 2015, 53% […]

4 Ways Social Media Will Impact Your Day Spa

Opening your Spavia Day Spa means you’re going to be serving your community, as you provide your neighbors with a place to come together, relax and unwind. You’re helping people stay or get healthy, so why not help them in other aspects – like their social lives, and creating meaningful relationships? Well good news. You […]

Owner-Operator vs. Semi-Absentee: What’s the Difference?

Starting your own business is a lot of work. Starting a day spa franchise, such as a Spavia Day Spa, also may take over your life. (In the most satisfying, entrepreneurial way). Yet because you have the a solid corporate team behind you, helping you every step of the way, the work involved in opening […]

Spavia Brings Luxury to the Mainstream

Picture this in your mind’s eye: you’re at a day spa for a facial or massage. You walk inside and you hear the sound of a water fountain tinkling quietly in the background, just below the sounds of lovely, soothing music. Your then greeted by guest services, and brought into a cozy changing room. She […]